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Shanty Jack

Grimsby's own shantyman


Over the years, Shanty Jack has appeared on numerous recordings, many of them no longer available, and a complete discography is listed further down this page. However, those still available are as follows:

Maiden Voyage

(Recorded with Stormalong John in Liverpool )

'A' Side:
Liverpool Packet, Round the Corner, Johnny Come Down to Hilo, Lowlands Low, The Smacksman, Fire Down Below, London Julies, Trim Rigged Ducksie, The Campanero, Old Billy Riley, A Long Time Ago, Gal Wid De Blue Dress On.

'B' Side:
Bring 'Em Down, Do Me Ama, Ranzo Ray, John Kanaka, Randy Dandy O, Emma Let Me Be, Cheerly Man, Liverpool Judies, Blood Red Roses, Sailors' Farewell Hymn.

'In the Shadow of the Mainsail'

(Recorded with De Compagniezangers in The Netherlands)

Hanging Johnny, South Australia, Mingulay Boatsong, Ketelbinkie, Drowned Horses of Ameland, Te Vlissingen Leyt Een Jachtje Bereyt, Op Het Hobbelend Peckelveld, De Ijzeren Man, Stormy Weather Boys, Leaving of Liverpool, De Zoute Zee, Wieringen, Ameland, Home Boys Home, Daar Was Laatst Een Meisje Loos, Talcahuano Girls, The Grimsby Lads, Rosabella, Sailors Farewell Hymn, Emma Let Me Be, Maggie May, Mein Vader vos ein Dutchman, Bye Bye My Roseanne.

'I thought I heard the old man say...'

(Recorded with Ken Stephens & De Compagniezangers in The Netherlands)

Shantyman, Fire down below, Santiana, Garrekwak, Herzogin Cecilie, Rattle the Winches, Ons stuurman heeft er een vrouwtje, Lowland low, Whisky Johnny, Jan Riebec, Jan Cupido, Sally Brown, Sam Houston, Whaling Johnny, Donkey riding, Ships in Bottles, Round the corner Sally, Working on a foreign sea, Over the hills to glory (instrumental), Poor old man, Hei courage viva, Essequibo river.

'Sailors' Song'

- A celebration of Sea Songs & Shanties from the Great Days of Sail

(With Paul Gough & Robin Garside as 'Monkey's Orphan)


Johnny Come Down To Hilo, The Wild Goose Shanty, Reuben Ranzo, Fire Down Below, Yarmouth Town, Ja Ja Ja, Spootiskerry/Willafjord, Whaling Johnny, 150 Days Out From Vancouver, Three Day Millionaire, Help Me To Raise 'Em, Roll The Woodpile Down, Sailor's Songs/Three Sea Captains, The Haisboro' Light Song, The Constant Lovers, Three Jolly Fishermen, John Kanaka, Weldon.

If you would like copies of these recordings, please contact:

Shanty Jack

"The Lodge,"

5, Crowtree Lane


Lincs, LN11 9LL

United Kingdom.

Tel. & Fax. No. +44 (0) 150 735 4110

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