The Scottish Nightingales!

G&T, better known as Gaye & Trish met at Toddlers Group at Cluny School, Sauchen, Aberdeenshire. (Their children were the toddlers, of course!) They discovered through chatting that they both sang and especially enjoyed singing in harmony.  G&T at International Festival of the Sea 2001 They sang in Castles for the National Trust for Scotland for several years, developing their repertoire and harmonies. They were involved for some time with the Doric Festival, which celebrates the speech and song of the Grampian area. At their first maritime event in Portsoy, Aberdeenshire in 1999, they were singing songs of the sea and the fishing and made the acquaintance of Nanne Kalma and Ankie Van der Meer of 'Liereliet'. This led to them being recommended to other Festivals, leading to bookings in Poland, Brittany and especially to the Netherlands. It was in Workum in 2000, that Shanty Jack heard them, leading to appearances in Hull, Portsmouth and so on........... They have released three albums. 'First Verse', mainly Scottish songs, was released in 1999 followed by 'Fish and Ships (Lines Upon the Water)' and 'Fish and Ships Too (I Stand on the Quay)'. The next album is still a work in progress!


Gaye Anthony has been living in Aberdeenshire since 1970. Singing in Folk Clubs from her late teens, Gaye carried on with her Folk Roots when attending college in Liverpool, where she formed a trio. After meeting her husband in London, they moved North to Aberdeen. In 1986, having won a local talent competition, she released an album of her own compositions called "Reflections." Getting together with Trish, opened up a whole range of musical possibilities.

   Trish Norman from Edinburgh, has had an interesting musical career, singing in Folk Clubs in her late teens and then singing with Dance Bands. For many years she sang with the Ladies of the 'Courte of Dalhousie Castle,' presenting music and food at Mediaeval banquets. This led to tours around Europe, mainly the Netherlands. Having sung in various choirs and Operatic societies around Edinburgh, she moved to Aberdeenshire in the late 70s with her husband and family, where she eventually teemed up with Gaye.


As well as regular appearances at U.K. folk clubs, G&T have appeared at the following festivals in 2010:

February - Deunen & Dienen, Enkhuizen, (Netherlands)

April - Keith TMSA Festival (Scotland)

June - Portsoy Boat Festival (Scotland)

July - "Sea Fever" International Sea Shanty Festival. Hull (England).

September - 'Het Zeeliederen Festival, Zuidersee Museum, Enkhuizen, (Netherlands)


11th - 13th February - Deunen & Dienen, Enkhuizen, (Netherlands)


"FISH & SHIPS TOO!"- (I Stand on the Quay)


My Donald, Rambling Tambling Lassie, Shoals of Herring, Herrin's Heid, My Love & My Song, The Peterhead Fisherman's Wife, I Stand on the Quay, The Fisherman's Wife, Bonny Fisher Lass, Fishing & Trawling, Caller Herrin, The Newfoundland Sailor, Shiver Me Timbers, Isle of May.



Banks of Inverurie, Caledonia, Carrickfergus, Up the Noran Water, Ca' the Yowes, Marking Time, The Haggis Song, The Norland Water, Banks of Red Roses, Perhaps Love, The Water is Wide, Sprig O' Thyme, The Lonach Song, The End of an Auld Song.



Lines Upon The Water, Herrin's Heid, Fish Guttin' Lassie, Cockles & Mussels, Song o' the Fishgutters, Safe in the Harbour, Fareweel Tae Tarwathie, Tatties 'n' Herrin', Silver Darlings, Bold Fisherman, Caller O'o, Cod Woe, Lock Keeper and Fiddler's Green.


G&T are available for booking and can be contacted at:

Dalherrick Croft,



Aberdeenshire, AB51 7RP

United Kingdom.

Email: G&T

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